Need help with ESG reporting?

Create impactful ESG reports

Whether you are just at the beginning of your ESG story or ready to share your performance with investors, compelling ESG reporting is vital.

ESG is the consideration of environmental, social and governance factors when assessing the performance, behaviours and values of an organisation. It seeks to assess the way an organisation manages risks associated with environmental, social and governance issues, and the impact a business has on the environment and society.

Telling your ESG story in an impactful way can be complex.

Through a tried and tested approach, Social Invest can help you address this challenge. You can benefit from a full set of services, from workshops that help you navigate the fast-moving world of ESG, to the structuring, drafting and production of your ESG report.

Your ESG reporting partner

Get the support you need to enhance your ESG communications:

  • Engage leadership, team members and other key stakeholders
  • Navigate the ESG landscape: from supporting your teams to understand ESG reporting standards and frameworks to peer-to-peer insights
  • Understand what credible ESG reporting looks like
  • Define your narrative: the story you want to tell
  • Set out your report look, structure and tone, following your chosen ESG reporting standards
  • Design and produce an impactful report
  • Bridge finance and communications; supporting and guiding your communications team
  • Align your reporting, finance framework and wider investor communications

Why is ESG reporting important?

ESG reports help organisations to become more transparent about the risks and opportunities they face. It works as a communication tool for stakeholders to highlight the organisation’s performance and to showcase their operation’s actions. The benefits of ESG reporting include:

  • Increased overall performance and transparency
  • Helps identify the risks and opportunities the organisation faces
  • Helps to improve brand reputation by highlighting good company values and behaviours
  • Improved ability to fundraise or borrow

We’re a certified BCorp

Are you a B Corp that’s looking to produce a report to show your organisation’s impact?

Social is an organisation with first-hand experience of the B Corp journey – from application process to report production.

You can get help to:

  • Produce an appealing, attractive and robust document
  • Report and present your measurements and assessments
  • Communicate with both internal and external stakeholder
Discover more

Community Impact Reports

An ever-increasing number of businesses are pursuing responsible business practices and making a positive impact on people and the planet. Many have been doing so for a long time, with social and environmental issues, and their investment in people and communities, shaping culture, values and business practices.

However, many businesses are not obligated to report on this, so do not always publish or publicise these activities in a way that different stakeholders can easily access or fully appreciate.

If this is the case for you, we can help you create an ‘annual community report’ that can support your organisation to document its social and environmental impact, set out its commitments in these areas, and also report on its progress.