The challenge

Social Invest are the comms partner to SfH and have worked across comms strategy architecture, comms delivery, with this website being a flagship piece of work to create a central hub for the SRS community.

Our results

As part of Social Invest’s work, we designed, created and launched a brand-new website. We worked with the board, secretariat and adopters to create a platform that met the needs of the SRS community, and an access point where new and existing adopters and endorsers could go for information.

The website was created following a rebranding exercise that Social Invest led too. During the rebrand we helped with logo creation, creating a colour pallet and associated brand guidelines

The top featured pages of the website included:

  • An SRS directory – names and profiles of all the adopters and endorsers, providing a platform for them to show their great ESG work.
  • A resources page – all the SRS documents and updated documents in one place.
  • Case studies – a showcase page of how other HAs and funders have been using the SRS, and how they have benefited.
  • Dedicated sections for news and events – a section to keep the SRS community up to date with SfH news matters and adopter events and wider ESG-related conferences, seminars and webinars that SfH is involved with or running.

For the website’s SRS Directory, case studies and supporter page, we collaborated directly with the client’s stakeholders (adopters, endorsers and funders of the SRS) to gather logos, bios and other information to ensure the website could be launched with as much information as possible.

To further develop the website, and make it truly a point of information and resources for all adopters, we are going to be creating an ‘Adopter Hub’, so the SRS community can find useful resources that can help them progress further with their ESG journey.

What was achieved

The SRS community now extensively uses the brand-new website to find updates and information, and to access the SRS reporting criteria, quickly and easily.

Furthermore, the SRS Directory has also proven to be useful, as sector stakeholders can now use this to see who has adopted the SRS.

The case studies have also provided potential adopters with a better understanding of why adopting the SRS would be beneficial for them too, as well as helping them understand how others are finding their ESG reporting journey.