Sovereign – ESG Report – Summary


We delivered an inaugural ESG report for Sovereign, a 60,000-home housing association and placemaking organisation. This entailed working with members of the executive team along with a number of colleagues across the group, to define what ESG means for the organisation, establish a clear story and lay the foundations for ESG in the years ahead.

What did we do?

  •  Worked across several departments from exec team to comms, governance and social impact to treasury, to establish a clear way forward for their ESG approach
  •  Aligned reporting to a sector ESG standard while amplifying Sovereign’s own, unique story
  •  Brought together several key strategies and corporate plan objectives under the ESG umbrella
  •  Supported the collation of ESG data and metrics
  • Oversaw report creation and all related content, while liaising with in-house design