L&Q – Build London Partnership – 3 year anniversary report – Case Study


The Build London Partnership (BLP) is a unique collaboration between L&Q and the Greater London Authority (GLA). It partners with smaller housing associations to deliver genuinely affordable homes for hard-to-reach communities. Central to the BLP ethos is to empower and upskill their partners, helping them to develop affordable housing themselves and better serve the needs of their communities.

The BLP initiative focuses on helping organisations that lack in-house capacity to acquire and deliver homes by tapping into L&Q’s extensive development expertise. Initially working with nine partners, BLP is now supporting over 40 housing associations in the capital.  This is a truly innovative solution to London’s housing crisis, developing small, disused, infill and challenging sites across the capital, while supporting our partners’ needs through a dedicated programme of workshops, presentations and meetings.

The real innovation behind this partnership stems from its flexibility and commitment to providing the homes and neighbourhoods that communities need, rather than a one-size-fits all development model. While large housing associations including L&Q have previously partnered with smaller organisations for singular developments, the BLP formalises a model for partnership and cooperation that is permanently available and can be replicated, as well as constantly improved, tailored and is scalable to the needs of the individual communities it serves.

The BLP marked its third anniversary in June 2021 and we produced a report to update stakeholders on its progress to date.


Social work with L&Q’s Director of Strategic Partnerships and the communications team to produce an engaging and accessible report which highlighted the purpose behind the BLP, its projects and partners, and real-life impacts. Our experienced and knowledgeable team planned and coordinated the delivery of the document, from interviewing key stakeholders, chief executives and residents for case studies, to arranging photography. We advised on content, worked with the L&Q team to bring together data that underpinned the narrative, and drafted all content. Social’s own creative team then designed the document in line with L&Q’s brand guidelines.

What was achieved

The purpose of the report was to raise the BLP’s profile and engage stakeholders and people in key target audiences – including prospective partners – with the longer-term aim of working to increase its community .

The anniversary report was shared with all the BLP partners and counsellors within the 12 boroughs as per the contact list. To gain wider exposure, the BLP report was published on the BLP microsite within the primary L&Q website (Build London Partnership | L&Q Group), as well as broadcasted to partners and friends through the BLP August 2021 newsletter.