Hyde – ESG Report – Case study


Hyde is a not-for-profit housing provider with social purpose at its core. It was set up to provide homes for people left behind by the market over 50 years ago, delivering significant levels of social value and impact since then.

Like other associations, Hyde accesses private finance from banks and institutional investors to remain financially robust and deliver on its objectives. The rise of the environmental, social and governance (ESG) agenda in the financial markets presented an opportunity for Hyde to demonstrate and communicate its impact and core purpose in a more measurable, accountable and transparent way, and through a common language that investors and other key stakeholders can understand.

Our solution

Underpinned by Hyde’s extensive work on social value, the group embarked on a major project with its partner Sonnet Advisory & Impact CIC to establish an ESG framework. This included internal reviews and collaboration, workshops and workstreams, stakeholder and materiality mapping, and resulted in the creation of an ESG performance dashboard and framework.

The dashboard offers a unique and transparent approach, communicating priority areas for Hyde, demonstrating performance and progress and holding itself to account with a 2030 target.

Social’s role was to take this framework to key audiences, making it meaningful and accessible to stakeholders, from existing and prospective funders to government partners, staff and residents.

Our Social Invest team developed a comprehensive yet punchy and user-friendly ESG report. We offered a distinctive combination of an unrivalled and detailed knowledge of the social housing sector, housing finance and the ESG landscape, alongside an understanding of Hyde’s stakeholders and target audiences.  We also ran a focused press campaign to launch the report to relevant target audiences.

What we did

Our team worked through detailed and specialist material that Hyde and its partners had gathered on its environmental and social performance and impact, along with its governance processes.

A central feature of the project was demonstrating how ESG intersects with Hyde’s corporate strategy and long-term vision. It was also essential to communicate how the ESG framework and dashboard will influence Hyde’s decision-making, including expectations of its key partners.

We identified the content that was most useful to their stakeholders and helped to present it in a way that is clear to understand and demonstrates Hyde’s commitment to measuring and monitoring its ESG performance.

Along with establishing a core narrative, this involved working with data, specialist terminology and honing a series of case studies and human-interest stories. The case studies helped to bring Hyde’s stories to life and demonstrated real-world impact

We worked in partnership with Hyde’s in-house design team, leading on the planning of the process and providing all content which they designed in line with the organisation’s house style.

We also led the launch of its ESG summary report and comment piece from the chief executive, providing full communications suite including preparing all content, distributing the report, issuing news releases and arranging interviews between key journalists and Hyde’s leadership team.

What was achieved

The launch of the ESG framework generated positive publicity for Hyde Housing, further enhancing its profile as a sector leader in social value and impact reporting. The report is part of a suite of documents, which also includes an impact report for the group’s charitable arm, which Social also helped produce.

The ESG framework and report has also enabled their communications and investor relations teams to have more meaningful conversations with current and prospective partners.  It has helped them to demonstrate the tangible impact of their work, giving investors confidence that their investment is making a positive difference, and enabling the housing association to continue its work in building and managing great homes.